The Figure-8 Operating System

To ignite and accelerate the development of our capacity as inspiring strategic leaders, it is critical to consciously pursue two avenues of development. First, to expand and extend the strategic context within which we operate; and secondly, to expand and deepen our internal operating context – represented by the Figure-8 Operating System.

As we shift through the stages of leadership development, we create a system shift in terms of our internal operating system. For instance, when we are anchored in our ego up to the Achiever, our life experience is largely made up of struggling and striving, a combination of Reactive Patterns from the past and Creative Stretch into the future.

However when we anchor ourselves in our heart, we release inhibiting ways of thinking and being, and develop new avenues for learning and awareness that enable personal transformation. Our life experience shifts to striving and thriving, as we move into the present, what Otto Scharmer has called the Emergent Future.

As we overcome emotional triggers and learn to appreciate the interplay of transference and psychodynamics, we develop our leadership capacity further. Our new centre of gravity is the mind. And our life experience is transformed once more to thriving and flourishing in the Emergent Future with Ease and Grace.