Antoinette’s Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. In essence Antoinette has galvanised the organization in a way that is remarkable due to her ability to engage with other people. She is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. She has clear insight into what drives different behaviours and how to make momentous changes in perspective in order to achieve much better results. Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean that any organization that has the benefit of her knowledge and experience will gain far more than they may expect. Did I say that there was a whiff of culture change in the air? Well, I mean there is a gale force wind blowing, and the organisation and its people are the ultimate winners!” ~ Anne Cosgrove, Former Director of People and Culture, FACS NSW; Executive Director People Services NSW
“Antoinette instigated a terrific collaboration with us by leading a Strategic Off-Site for our new Executive Team. It was an invigorating and extremely productive two-day session that not only set our strategic direction but also the type of leadership culture we wanted to create. We then ran a program around Confident Leadership designed and led by Antoinette that gave the top 75 leaders the opportunity to become more self-aware and develop the courageous authenticity and team accountability we needed to uplift our performance. Antoinette’s broad strategic perspective and deep insights into mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal power stimulated a significant shift in our capacity to collaborate with our business partners to build a thriving sustainable agricultural sector in NSW.” ~ Michael Bullen, Deputy Director General, DPI Agriculture
“I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with Antoinette Braks over the last year and I feel privileged to have her as a coach.  Antoinette’s style and approach allowed us both flexibility and to be able to focus on what was top of mind.  She asks the right questions that leads to very thought provoking and at times, confronting decisions, however this is what really helped me both personally and professionally.  Antoinette also provided me with tips and ideas on how to manage and lead more effectively and strategically, which has been so important to ensure I remained focused on my leadership capability and impact.  A big thank you to Antoinette for your unwavering support, advice and mentorship; you are a real treasure and I can’t thank you enough!” ~ Elisa Recchi, Head of Risk Business Management HSBC Australia
“I had the privilege of Antoinette supporting me recently in my goals to advance my career and was extremely impressed. Her ability to provide constructive feedback was invaluable and insightful from the first meeting. Our interactions allowed me to reflect on my purpose and consider a more holistic appreciation of the impact of my body and verbal language in the C-suite environment. She really invested in my success and I recommend her to others focused on extending themselves to realise their career aspirations.” ~ Craig Chambers EGM Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation Energy QLD
“I had the wonderful experience and pleasure of working one-on-one with Antoinette Braks. At the time, I was dealing with a very complex personal and commercial situation which she was very quick in understanding the holistic picture. Her commercial experience together with insight into situational and personality traits greatly assisted me in breaking the complexity down into manageable pieces and brainstorming to find positive forward moving paths. Importantly she gave me the courage and confidence to implement what I considered prior to our sessions an almost insurmountable course of action.” ~ Belinda York, CEO Say Yes Pty Ltd, GOthat.com
“Occasionally, we meet folks who bring a unique perspective to strategic conversations, creating new thoughts, ideas and innovative thinking. Antoinette is one such person, drawing on a wonderful knowledge and understanding in so many aspects of life and business.” ~ Richard Boggon, COO Transport Services WPS | Parsons Brinckerhoff
“Antoinette is a sensitive, creative and highly gifted coach. Her ability to coach senior leaders through the strategic maze of government whilst they balance their personal development is her strength. I endorse her as an executive coach of the highest calibre.” ~ Jane Simmons, Executive Director, Learning and Leadership NSW Education
“I took up coaching with Antoinette to become more strategic and confident as I was operating at a more senior level than in the past. She takes a fast-paced approach and covered many topics each coaching session. Her mix of theory and practical advice was extremely helpful. A significant milestone was developing a Transformational Strategic Agenda on a single A3 page following one of our sessions. Antoinette is a challenging and energetic coach who held me to account in the nicest possible way. I always looked forward to our coaching meetings because I knew that I would learn something new and useful. I now have a framework to approach strategic issues and many tools and techniques to draw on so that I can hold my own in a senior executive environment. I would not have thought this possible a few years ago.” ~ John Langron, Group Manager at Sydney Trains
“Antoinette is a master of motivation and spiritual wizardry!  After each and every session, I leave feeling inspired and motivated with a sense of awe and wonder of my own unlimited potential, the seed that is yet to be sown. Her exuberant energy and zest for life is contagious yet she provides an architectural framework providing structure and support. I have been able to apply her teaching within my leadership role in the corporate world in addition to the future exploration of my spiritual development. How refreshing to have been blessed to have her as my executive coach and to share our life experience in the transformation of the soul.” ~ Annie Tucker, Health and Safety Program Manager Sydney Trains
“My time with Antoinette will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. I found her perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and her connection with mind, body, spirit revolutionised my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. My engagement with Antoinette began at a time when I found myself in a newly collaborative leadership role within government managing several portfolios that were previously unfamiliar and challenging to me.
Antoinette’s experience and viewpoints were extremely helpful to me in strengthening my focus and commitment to delivering a consistent vision personally and professionally; my opportunity to drive growth and development through people; my ability to encourage risk taking and accountability, and my aptitude to nurturing self-awareness and reflective practice. Antoinette has a unique ability to recognise, understand and explain complex leadership issues and, along the way, there have been surprising personal realisations. Her mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. I derived enormous benefit from working with Antoinette and having her share her experiences and wisdom with me.  Attuning my inner self and harnessing my authenticity to be an innovative and strategic leader has afforded me unique opportunities as an Executive Director working in government. Antoinette has awoken the inner warrior in me and helped me lead my organisation to success over the last 12 months.” ~ Gary Groves, District Director FACS NSW
“Antoinette has helped me remodel how I write, talk and feel about myself and my skills, enhancing my strategic expression and guiding me through a career transformation! I have found her to be an inspirational, knowledgeable and captivating Executive Coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity, new direction and heightened courage!” ~ Deborah Hailstones, Director Horticulture R&D, DPI NSW
“My meetings with Antoinette proved to be valuable, enjoyable and timely. Building on some early insights and an established rapport, Antoinette guided me on a journey to clarify what needs to be focused on and in what sequence. Her warmth, wisdom and understanding, leadership knowledge and conversational skills are indeed a powerful mix! Spending time with Antoinette is an investment to be highly recommended.” ~ Marianne Hammerton, Director Rail Heritage, Transport NSW
“When I first came to see Antoinette, I was fatigued, stressed at work and not enjoying life. In the very first meeting, the underlying issues were exposed. Antoinette shed light on my life and revealed things that I simply had not seen or understood. And, unlike previous coaching, Antoinette had a positive, forward-looking approach that made me feel optimistic about the future. Antoinette helped me work through changes in my org structure to enable me to focus on the higher strategic issues I enjoy. She gave me exercises to help with affirmation of my abilities and feel more secure about my work. And most importantly, she addressed my whole-of-life progression, not just my work-life.” ~ Richard Host Group CIO NSW Dept Finance, Services and Innovation | Former CIO Fire and Rescue NSW
“Someone recommended Antoinette to me as I was preparing for the next step in my career – and I’m so glad they did! She helped me greatly to recognise and harness my strategic abilities, to rethink my approach to some work challenges and brought a positive, energising presence to all of our meetings. I would highly recommend Antoinette as an Executive Coach.” ~ Sue Nelson, Director of Communications and Media Relations at Copyright Agency
“It is rare to come across someone as dedicated and passionate about her work as Antoinette is. I worked closely with Antoinette in a culture change program over a period of twelve months and learned immeasurably from the experience. Antoinette’s ability to manage multiple projects and tasks whilst skilfully leading a company wide transformation initiative was a pleasure to watch and be a part of. I truly miss her verve and enthusiasm and would recommend her to any organisation who is looking for a dedicated and passionate transformational leader.” ~ Phillip Richards, Customer Services Professional & Interpreter at Griffith University
“Antoinette is an extraordinary leadership coach who truly ‘listens’ from multiple levels. Her innate ability to access her vast inner wisdom and bring it into form to guide others is a powerful gift. Couple this with her extensive knowledge and an established suite of leadership development tools and approaches – the result can only be WOW! Antoinette holds a nourishing space from which I have been able to reflect and evolve. Antoinette, thank you for shining so brightly!” ~ Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders VIC
“Antoinette was an engaging, skilful, intelligent, challenging and enthusiastic person to work with. She integrated many new initiatives to transform our culture creating momentum from which results soon flowed. The terrific speed of success was due to her great ability to engage with the leaders and ensure that the adopted strategies were well understood and effectively implemented to drive toward the desired outcomes. She was a vital source of energy and inspiration in setting our new course and getting us going!” ~ Pat Richards, Founding CEO, Businesslink NSW; Former CEO Health Alliance NZ
“While working with the Board and Management Team, Antoinette helped us to turnaround our national Association. Her commitment to bringing our vision to life and focus on results, inspired us to achieve much more than we thought was possible. Her style is fast-paced, insightful, strategic, always positive and encouraging. Her high energy level literally “swept us up” and moved us along. Together we achieved audacious goals, developed a national profile and became a significant influencer of government policy.” ~ Judith Speight, Former Chairman TUANZ; MD, Accelerating Aotearoa
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