Why we need more Women at the Top

More Women at the Top? Given our preoccupation to have more women at the top of organizations, it’s curious to realize how gender archetypes underlie the shift from transactional to transformational leadership. The “Achiever”, the final stage of conventional leadership is a highly masculine archetype – the warrior, the hunter, the breadwinner, creating transactional relationships […]

The 6 Key Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

Aspirational First, it’s aspirational. While standard Executive Coaching is about improving your performance at work in more senior executive roles, Executive Leadership Coaching is this and more. It invites you to tap into your career aspirations and personal purpose in relation to how you can make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy as a […]

The Divinity of Self

Last week I talked about the distinction between Confidence and Self-Confidence, Esteem and Self-Esteem and Awareness and Self-Awareness. Today I’d like to take this a further step by talking about Divine Confidence, Divine Esteem and Divine Awareness. You see as we go up the spiral of stage development from Conformist to Achiever and onto Strategist, […]