Proven Accelerated Outcomes

It was previously thought to take a number of years to make the shift from Achiever to Catalyst, and more again to move onto Strategist. However , based on my PhD Research Study, this shift can be ignited and accomplished in a single year!

The nine senior executives in a multiple-case study each shifted a full stage in leadership development within 12 months, most to Catalyst yet also one to Strategist with another knocking on its door just one point shy in their Total Weighted Score. These outcomes were remarkable!

The SHIFT Leadership Development Program is based on the multiple-case study research findings. The proven coaching approach was distilled into two key dimensions: strategic leadership focused on the external world and the organisational operating system, and holistic leadership focused on enhancing our inner world, our energy operating system.

Together these strategies enable us to rise above the noise, cultivate our character, and develop the capabilities of an inspiring, strategic leader who is courageously authentic, community-centric and a role model of the highest integrity.

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