SHIFT Coaching Certification

SHIFT Coaching Certification provides Executive Coaches with the SHIFT Coaching Methodology in Strategic Holistic Leadership Development. It has been proven to uplift leadership capacity by at least a full stage. High performing Achievers and Specialists shift to the successive levels of Catalyst/Pluralist and Strategist within a 12-month period.

There are two overarching methodologies: strategic leadership and holistic leadership.

Strategic leadership focuses on the external strategic context of the executive. How to develop a transformational strategic agenda, orchestrate stakeholder engagement, craft a compelling signature presentation, build a values-based culture, integrate cascading Team Charters and uplift productivity with a dynamic diary rhythm.

Holistic leadership zooms in on the inner world of the individual. It leverages human psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional and spiritual intelligence to release shadow, embrace aspirations and appreciate the nature of psychodynamics and transference.

Both approaches include techniques and frameworks to raise awareness and build skills that lead to the development of courageous authenticity and strategic synergy.

During the Certification, executive coaches will also be invited to review their own strategic context in relation to building their coaching practice and developing their own leadership capacity to Strategist.

The SHIFT Coaching Certification includes:

  • An intensive four-day program
  • Pre-reading and other resources
  • A Stages International Leadership Assessment
  • Monthly Group Coaching Supervision online for 12 months

SHIFT Coaching Certifications will take place in Sydney, Dublin, Lisbon and Prague during 2019.

There will also be a more advanced SHIFT Leadership Certification that builds on the SHIFT Coaching Certification to enable you to facilitate SHIFT Leadership Programs.

To find out more, please contact Antoinette Braks:

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