SHIFT Executive Coaching

SHIFT Executive Coaching Programs comprise 12 * 90-minute Coaching Meetings every four weeks over a period of 12 months. They include a Stages International Assessment before and after to gauge the current level of development of the executive and to monitor the executive’s leadership development over time.

It is our promise to enable every participant on a SHIFT Coaching Program to shift a full stage in their leadership capacity in a single year. High performing Achievers shift to authentic, collaborative leaders at Catalyst, and Catalysts become inspiring, transforming Strategists. It is at this final stage, a culmination of all the learning prior, that an executive can lead and sustain transformational business outcomes. Only 5% of executives in organisations today have their centre of gravity at Strategist.

The SHIFT approach is much more strategic and holistic than results or performance coaching. We assume executives are capable of accomplishing aspirational goals and realising significant outcomes. In addition to strategic business frameworks and stakeholder engagement, SHIFT Coaching Programs show executives how to leverage advanced mindfulness, dissolve reactive emotional patterns at source and bring wholeheartedness to all their endeavours and relationships.

To find out more, please email Antoinette Braks:

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