The Holistic Leadership Profile is a self-assessment against a series of leadership capabilities structured in relation to stage leadership development and the different modes of leadership that create your leadership style. Stage leadership development is one of the fastest growing trends in leadership development today according to the Centre for Creative Leadership. It is otherwise known as the progressive levels of adult maturity within developmental psychology (Cook-Greuter, Kegan and Loevinger) or series of action logics (Torbert) that represent our capacity as senior executives to develop a more expansive mind, a more encompassing heart, and a more joyful spirit.

CLICK HERE to undertake the Holistic Leadership Profile now.

Ideally as senior executives, we make the shift from the final stage of conventional leadership, the high performing Achiever focused on priorities, customers and results, to the fully embodied stage of postconventional authentic, strategic, holistic, inspiring leadership where we become able to lead and sustain systemic, synergistic transformational renewal that benefits all stakeholders.

The different styles of leadership are based on the four modes of Being: Doing, Relating, Thinking and Creating – or AQ: Action Orientation, EQ: Emotional Awareness; MQ: Mindful Attention, and SQ: Spiritual Congruence. Generally our leadership style is composed of two main innate preferences. As we mature as leaders, we tend to expand our range of understanding and functioning across the modes to incorporate earlier blindspots.

CLICK HERE to undertake the Holistic Leadership Profile. It involves assessing yourself against a range of capabilities on a 0-5 scale. It will take you approximately 45-60 minutes. As soon as you have completed your assessment, you will be emailed a comprehensive 28-page Holistic Leadership Profile that is both a report and a workbook so you can set your own leadership development goals.

The Holistic Leadership Profile provides an outline of:

  • The stages of leadership development
  • The styles of leadership development
  • How to make your way up the evolutionary spiral
  • How the stages relate to role levels in organizations
  • The 20 modes across AQ, EQ, MQ and SQ that form our leadership style
  • The shadow dimensions in relation to how we play offence and defence
  • Descriptors of all 20 capabilities and 8 shadow elements
  • Your current overall rating of your stage and preferred style of leadership
  • A list of your individual ratings across the capabilities and shadow elements
  • Your top seven strengths, stressors, blind spots and stretches
  • The opportunity to record your reflections and revelations
  • The key steps to take to advance from each stage to the next
  • The opportunity to create a Stop and Start Doing Guide
  • The opportunity to articulate your aspirations, strengths and yearnings
  • The opportunity for you to capture your Vision of the future.

If you would like to understand more about your own stage of leadership based on the vertical spiral of evolutionary development, and take some time to reflect on your capabilities as a leader within an organizational context, then click here to carry out your own individual self-assessment.

This Beta version of the Holistic Leadership Profile is FREE now. We’d like you to provide us with any thoughts and feedback after you’ve completed it and gone through your Profile. You can email me at Antoinette.Braks@Join-the-SHIFT.com

CLICK HERE to receive your own Holistic Leadership Profile now!

If you’d like further support and guidance to accelerate your evolutionary leadership development journey up the spiral, please don’t hesitate to email me. I currently have a number of openings for new coaching clients. You can connect with me at Antoinette.Braks@Join-the-SHIFT.com

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