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The SHIFT Leadership Program enables CEOs, senior executives, senior leaders and strategic change catalysts to realize their aspirations to lead innovation, collaboration and transformation at a level only attained by some 15% of Executive Leaders today!

It enables us to transcend the 2oth century conventional world of command and control where we are perpetually busy, struggling and striving in life, to generating a sustainable, synergistic post-conventional 21st century world where we operate as a thriving and inspiring community of co-creators.

The VUCA world we live in, one that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, represents a transition from the conventional unsustainable material world to a new and better world where we realize shared prosperity and mutual wellbeing.


By implementing The Executive Strategic Operating System© to create the space for transformational growth, and navigating The Holistic Energy Operating System© to realize our unique potential, we can quickly become more inspiring, strategic leaders, advance our careers and realize transformational business outcomes.

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Breakthrough Methodology Leading to Outstanding Outcomes

When we embark on the Hero’s Journey, we tune into our personal authenticity as well as our positional authority. We become vulnerable as well as vigilant, tapping into our personal co-creative power to transform both ourselves and the world around us.

At post-conventional stages of leadership development, we realize that life happens through us, not just to us. We not only work effectively in the  world, but we develop the capacity to work effectively on the world. Life is both a Movie, a projection of our conscious intentions, and a Mirror, a reflection of our subconscious beliefs. In time, as we learn to focus our attention mindfully and release obsolete reactive patterns, life  becomes Magical!

The world is becoming more turbulent faster than most organizations are becoming resilient. ~ Gary Hamel in What Matters Now

4 Quadrants WilberTo evolve as leaders and as a society, we must adopt post-conventional liberating structures and empowering processes that actively engage and uplift all participants. I know this is not easy in the corporate world where we’re consumed by continuous meetings, deadlines and targets to reach. However conventional operating systems can only take us as far as being Achievers in the conventional world and inhibit our growth as mature conscious post-conventional leaders.

Senior Executive coaching clients participating in the SHIFT Program advanced their development as consciously aware transformational leaders who, instead of being subsumed by their work, were able to transcend conventional processes and practices and realize aspirational goals that contributed to creating a better world.

The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust

Build New Strategic Scaffolding from the “Outside-In”

By implementing The Executive Strategic Operating System©, Executive SOS, we can rise above the noise and create an expansive space for personal and executive growth that can double our productivity, unleash our creativity, cultivate our individuality, and enable us to realize extraordinary business performance outcomes.

  1. 7 S Blue Circle w IconsRun Your Schedule with a Dynamic Diary Rhythm to Master Time
  2. Define the Scope with a Transformational Strategic Agenda to Master Vision
  3. Set the Scene with a Major Milestones Roadmap to Master Focus
  4. Create the Style with a Values-based Leadership Culture to Master Values
  5. Know the Score with Cascading Team Charters to Master Alignment
  6. Step up on Stage with a Compelling Signature Presentation to Master Voice
  7. Leverage Scale with Orchestrated Stakeholder Engagement to Master Collaboration

Your Strategic Operating System

Build a New View of Your World

A PROVEN Strategic Operating System to Unlock Your CREATIVITY, Double Your PRODUCTIVITY, Empower Your PEOPLE, Engage Your STAKEHOLDERS, Lift Your PROFILE and Achieve Amazing RESULTS!

Schedule DDR

1. Run Your Schedule with a Dynamic Diary Rhythm

TIME is not a limited resource to fit in as much as possible;

TIME is a Channel through which important strategic Content flows.

Large SCOPE circle

2. Define the Scope with a Transformational Strategic Agenda

VISION is not a set of initiatives to generate incremental change;

VISION is a frame of purpose, strategic shifts, outcomes and principles.

Scene w milestones

3. Set the SCENE with a Major Milestones Roadmap

FOCUS is not on the activities that must be quickly accomplished;

FOCUS is on the customer and community-centric milestones to reach.

Large STYLE people circle

4. Create the STYLE with a Values-based Leadership Culture

VALUES are not a set of words identified to promote a brand;

VALUES underpin the leadership behaviours that create Culture.

Large SCORE music circle

5. Know the SCORE with Cascading Team Charters

TEAMWORK is not based on combined individual performance;

TEAMWORK is based on the strategic alignment of the results to be achieved.

Large STAGE circle

6. Step Up on STAGE with a Compelling Signature Presentation

VOICE is not designed to report past, present and future activities;

VOICE is designed to advocate the generation of a new future reality.


7. Leverage SCALE with Orchestrated Stakeholder Engagement

COLLABORATION is not asking for input, buy-in and offering feedback;

COLLABORATION is seeking insights and understanding below the waterline.

Build Holistic Leadership Capacity from the “Inside-Out”

Once we have built this expansive space for growth, the “outside-in”, we can accelerate our development as leaders by working from the “inside-out” in terms of Vertical Learning or development psychology. Instead of increasing our leadership capabilities, lateral learning, we develop our leadership capacity by ascending the spiral of growth through a commitment to mindful authentic aspirations and descending the spiral to deepen our self-awareness and release reactive sabotaging patterns.

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This is a process of increasing consciousness from work to play, grow to flow, calm to care and free to love. These steps are reflected in the stages of leadership development from Conformist to Specialist, Achiever to Catalyst and Strategist to Alchemist. At each stage we harness our progressive human faculties to realize our amazing potential as instruments of evolution in the world today.

Ladder w red

It is a holistic developmental process in that we take the strengths of each stage with us while shedding light on our shadow to heal past traumas that lead to emotional reactions and hinder our leadership agility. The Holistic Energy Operating System© maps out our evolutionary journey to become extraordinary post-conventional leaders.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Realize Great Results in a Single Year!

The Strategic Holistic Integral Force for Transformation is a breakthrough proven Vertical Leadership Development methodology blending the “outside-in” Strategic Operating System© with the “inside-out” Holistic Energy Operating System©. It enables Senior Executives to become more authentic inspiring strategic transformational leaders – fast!

  • Every Executive Coaching Client participating in the PhD Research Study, shifted a full stage in leadership capacity, most from Achiever to Catalyst and one direct to Strategist with another knocking on its door, in a single year!
  • The 75 executives participating in the SHIFT Leadership Program increased their overall Leadership Effectiveness from the 60th to the 80th percentile in a single year.
  • The People Engagement score in a 1,000 person organization lifted by 30% six months after implementing SHIFT methodologies and processes.
  • And the revenues of a small trading company more than doubled three weeks after implementing the SHIFT Strategic Operating System©.


The SHIFT Vertical Leadership Program is organized into these four components. Each integrates elements of the Strategic Operating System© and the Human Energy Operating System© to enable executives to realize their potential as inspiring strategic leaders at Strategist and for organizations to realize their highest aspirations.

You can access the SHIFT Vertical Leadership Program through one-on-one Executive Coaching, ignite its implementation with a Strategic Offsite for your Executive Leadership Team and expedite distributed leadership at post-conventional levels through a Modular Program with your senior leaders.

To explore your leadership potential, email me at Antoinette.Braks@Join-the-SHIFT.com

The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution. ~ Antoinette Braks

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