Join the SHIFT to Eco-Centric Leadership by cultivating your unique purpose and strategic direction for your career and reframing the narrative of your life experience.

Leverage your leadership strengths and ignite your emergent and aspirational leadership capacity to become a more authentic, agile and strategic executive leader who can navigate uncertainty and contribute to creating a more inspiring and sustainable future!

A Small Group Intimate Learning Experience Facilitated by Antoinette Braks

Antoinette’s Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. She is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed and she has clear insight into how to make momentous changes in perspective. Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean that you will gain far more than you may expect.” ~ Anne Cosgrove ED People & Culture Services NSW

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Leadership roles are a powerful vehicle to evolve and develop compassion-in-action while leading others to realize inspirational outcomes that serve the broader community. Yet they can be daunting too in terms of how best to employ mutual power, appreciate and resolve interpersonal dynamics, and cultivate courageous authenticity amongst colleagues.

Antoinette Braks has spent 30 years evolving her leadership capacity as a GM People and Culture, a Leadership Consultant, a Facilitator of Culture Transformation and an Executive Coach in Strategic Holistic Leadership. She has coached more than 200 senior executives over 3000+ hours (Master Certified Coach equiv.), led 18-month development programs for large groups of senior leaders, conducted more than 500 management assessments and led over 50 strategic offsites with executive teams.

During this new 12-month 12*2-hr-session Small Group Leadership Program, participants will be invited to make the transformative shift from high performing ego-centric leadership to self-authoring, post-conventional, eco-centric leadership. The Program will raise the bar for the demonstration of conscious, empowering, collaborative leadership while participants discover a new inner ease amidst the complex and challenging work situations that arise.

There is a balance across action orientation, emotional awareness, mindful agility and spiritual congruence to facilitate holistic leadership development from the “inside-out”. The Program also integrates strategic leadership transformation from the “outside-in” to expand the space for growth, uplift individual role contribution, interpersonal team dynamics and collective divisional performance.

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Your SHIFT Coach

Antoinette Braks PhD(c)  MBA.LBS  MA LLB(Hons)  BA  Dip Intl Mktg (Hons)

The Coaching Relationship is pivotal to every Coaching Program.

Antoinette Braks holds substantial coaching experience of senior executives, strategic executive teams and large groups of senior leaders (>3,000 hours). She has operated from the mature action logic of a Strategist, held by 5% of executive leaders, since 2010. Now, 100% of her profile is postconventional or eco-centric. Her expansive leadership capacity enables Antoinette to hold and maintain the space for a proven holistic approach to transformative coaching and the emergence of transforming leadership for her clients.

Strategists deal with conflict more comfortably than do those with other action logics, and they’re better at handling people’s resistance to change. Strategists have consistently been able to generate organizational transformations leading to increases in profitability, market share and reputation.

Rooke & Torbert, 7 Transformations of Leadership, Harvard Business Review, April 2005.

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In summary, Antoinette’s leadership coaching and assessment experience includes:

  • >3,000 Coaching Hours (MCC equivalent)
  • >200 Senior Executive Coaching Clients
  • >500 Management Assessments of Senior Executives
  • >50 Team Workshops to set Strategic Direction and support Leadership Transformation

Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certificate of Organizational Coaching with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership
  • Certified Leadership Coach with the Newfield Institute of Ontological Coaching
  • Certified Coach with The Leadership Circle Executive and Team Culture Profiles
  • Certified Global Leadership Profile Coach with Action Inquiry Associates

Her coaching experience builds on 25 years in regional leadership roles in Strategic HR with Shell across Latin America & Africa, Leadership Solutions with Korn Ferry AsiaPac and as GM People & Culture with innovative energy company Vector NZ. Antoinette is also a Fellow of AHRI.

Clients include the Departments of Education, Family & Community Services, Finance, Services & Innovation, Health, Police, Primary Industries and Transport, and companies: Allianz, Businesslink, HSBC, Hydro, Relationships Australia, UGL and Westpac.

“There is something deeply magical about tapping into our deeper creative force. It’s a spiritual economics that describes a quality of energy dynamics that highly creative people and high performing teams are able to activate and thrive on.” ~ Otto Scharmer

Email Antoinette.Braks@Join-the-SHIFT.com

Click here for a complete outline of the Join the SHIFT Group Coaching Program 2018

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