We coach CEOs and Senior Executives who lead a function or division, or operate widely across the organization as Strategic Change Catalysts. We show you how to shift to the next level, not just in terms of the organizational hierarchy, but in relation to higher order leadership capacity that enables you to inspire and empower others with visionary aspirations, embodied values and your own unique voice to realize synergistic sustainable outcomes.

Our approach is much more strategic and holistic than results or performance coaching. We already assume you are a high Achiever capable of accomplishing significant goals and realizing outstanding outcomes. However if you are entertaining even bigger possibilities and would like to stretch yourself beyond conventional performance boundaries by leveraging advanced mindfulness, dissolving obsolete reactive emotional patterns at source and bringing wholeheartedness to all your endeavours and relationships, you will benefit enormously from SHIFT Coaching!

We coach in Vertical Learning or Stage Leadership Development from creative to integral leadership, or from conventional to post-conventional leadership. While conventionally aware creative leaders at Conformist, Specialist and Achiever make up 85% of executive leaders, post-conventional leaders authentic integral leaders at Catalyst, Strategist and Alchemist make up just 15%.

When we become genuine Change Catalysts (a quantum leap beyond Change Project Managers) or Authentic Leaders who rely on their personal authenticity rather than positional authority to lead, we begin to operate on the world rather than just in it. We start to make the world a better place. Once we anchor as Strategists or Integral Leaders, we have the capacity to lead transformational change. You can find out more about the stages of leadership in this post.

PhD Research Study in Transformational Leadership

Change in Sentence Completions by StageEach Senior Executive in my PhD Research Study began with a >80% conventional mindset. This is typical of most leaders. They undertook the Global Leadership Profile before and after participating in a 12-month Executive Coaching Program with me.

All, without exception, moved a full stage in Leadership Development in the one year. Most moved to Catalyst and one shifted all the way through to Strategist ~ into the top 5% ~ with another knocking on its door. These were surprising and inspiring results! They realized in a single year what is generally thought to take several years! For my qualitative research, I reviewed all  coaching transcripts and distilled my unique blend of “outside-in” strategic leadership coaching and “inside-out” holistic leadership coaching.


“Outside-In” Strategic Leadership Coaching

By creating the strategic scaffolding or operating context for your role to transcend conventional operating systems in organizations, you generate an open emergent space for your leadership presence to expand and grow. In my view there is significant latent leadership potential within every senior executive. It’s just that current operating systems create a pressure cooker environment which keeps the lid very tightly on your growth as a strategic visionary leader. Once we take the lid off, the sky’s the limit!

Uplift your View of the world, your Vision for your world, the Values you hold dear and then release your Voice on the world! You can accomplish this by building the infrastructure around you to hold a more expansive space. It is called The Executive Strategic Operating System. It is demanding yet liberating. The seven steps are:

7 S Blue Circle w Icons

  1. A Dynamic Diary Rhythm to Master TIME
  2. A Transformational Strategic Agenda to Master VISION
  3. A Major Milestones Roadmap to Master FOCUS
  4. A Values-based Leadership Culture to Master VALUES
  5. Cascading Team Charters to Master ALIGNMENT
  6. A Compelling Signature Presentation to Master your VOICE
  7. Orchestrated Network Engagement to Master COLLABORATION


“Inside-Out” Holistic Leadership Coaching

Once you have the space to expand your leadership presence, it’s time to focus on your psychological mindset, emotional awareness and habitual thought patterns that are limiting your growth. With new awareness from a higher, broader and deeper perspective, you will be able to reframe events and experiences in order to learn and develop your own leadership capacity.

Life happens through us, not just to us. Life is a Movie, a projection of our conscious thoughts and intentions; Life is a Mirror, a reflection of our subconscious fears and beliefs; and Life can be Magical, a co-creation with the divine cosmos where we live our lives in the present moment with ease and grace. Live the Dream, transcend the Drama and enjoy the Dance! The following seven dimensions comprise Holistic Leadership.


  1. Courageous Caring Conversations to Master INTEGRITY
  2. Positive Psychology Programming to Master INFLUENCE
  3. Purposeful Attentive Mindfulness to Master INTENTION
  4. Conscious Reactive Emotional Awareness to Master INSIGHT
  5. Respectful Kind Understanding to Master INCLUSIVENESS
  6. Resilient Personal Wellbeing to Master INTEGRATION
  7. Intuitive Spiritual Guidance to Master INSPIRATION


The SHIFT Coaching Program

Making the SHIFT! to authentic integral leadership is to take the mythical Hero’s Journey set out by Joseph Campbell. This is the ideal time to work with an Integral Coach as it is essential to uplift and articulate your aspirations, and appreciate and dissolve emotional blocks in order to blaze new trails and realize your own potential to shape a better future for you and all the people you connect with and serve.

Click here to download further details of our Join the SHIFT! Executive Coaching Program in Strategic Holistic Leadership.

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