SHIFT Coaching Programs

Lifting Executive Leaders to Transform Themselves, their Culture and their Organization!

SHIFT Executive Coaching and Strategic Holistic Leadership Programs cultivate inner integrity and strategic renewal. We take a purposeful and principles-based approach blending empowering strategic engagement strategies with the insights of psychodynamics. Senior executives discover who they are on a deeper level and learn to transform themselves and evolve in tune with their highest aspirations.

Our Programs have been proven to swiftly advance conscious awareness to the later stages of Catalyst, an authentic courageous change leader, and Strategist, a transforming quantum leader who understands complex adaptive systems. By illuminating the shadow of past events and enhancing inner coherence, executives learn to tune into their collective imagination to generate synergistic outcomes.

By implementing liberating strategic frameworks and harnessing the power of the heart, mind and spirit, our clients join the shift to become inspiring strategic leaders with the capacity to transcend and transform critical 21st century challenges, flourish through disruption and foster the evolution of a better world!

The higher our self expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution. ~ Antoinette J Braks

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