4 Data Points, 4 Dilemmas and 4 Deal-Changers in Diversity

4 Data Points The 2016 Peterson Report found that the 20% of firms from amongst 22,000 surveyed in 91 countries that had 30% or more female executives in upper management enjoyed an increased net revenue margin of 15% The Global Gender Gap in Economic Participation surveyed by the World Economic Forum in 2015 is enormous at 40%. […]

Stage Leadership Development is a Spiral not a Ladder

To shift a stage in leadership development expands your leadership perspective and presence in the world. It increases your ability to influence, coach and mentor others and generate transformational results. However this is not the result of simply increasing self and social awareness. These elements provide us with insight into our character and the challenges that thwart […]

The 6 Key Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

Aspirational First, it’s aspirational. While standard Executive Coaching is about improving your performance at work in more senior executive roles, Executive Leadership Coaching is this and more. It invites you to tap into your career aspirations and personal purpose in relation to how you can make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy as a […]

Become a Transformational Leader and Transform Your World!

What do we know about high performance? We know it requires high people engagement. Aon’s Research shows that a 5% increase in people engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the following year and can lead to a 29% increase in operating income. Imagine what a difference a 30% increase in people […]

4 Critical Steps So You Can Step Up From BAU!

Are you tired of trying to run faster and faster on the treadmill of everyday executive life? Would you prefer to be a more strategic leader who honours your aspirations, lives by your intrinsic values, consciously creates a more empowering workplace for your people where they can learn and grow, and brings more awareness to […]

How to Develop Leaders to Entertain Future Possibilities

The Challenge of Leadership Development There are two types of leadership development: horizontal and vertical learning. Horizontal learning is more skills, knowledge and competencies, thinking from the same perspective. Vertical learning is to develop more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking – to develop an elevated perspective that is more inclusive and embracing of multiple diverse […]