The Seven Steps to Uplift Your Life Experience

Our Life Experience I’ve always been intrigued by our life experience. How we create it, how it comes at us and what we do with it. How decisions have ripple effects and implications beyond what we could know at the time … and how we can uplift our life by developing a better understanding of […]

Brexit and Austuck: Uncertainty Paves the Way for the New

Brexit – The Surprise? Result The Brexit outcome came as a huge surprise with a very close 52% vote to exit. The Leave Campaign was highly successful given that the incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron advocated staying. It was only six months ago that David Cameron was recognized globally as the third most popular political […]

Strategic Offsites that Ignite a Profound SHIFT!

Strategic Offsites have the power to Direct attention to the underlying pressures of a potentially obsolete business model or strategic focus Set aspirational goals that are intrinsically meaningful and collaboratively possible, and Ignite a transformational organizational operating system to transcend VUCA and generate social evolution. Strategic Offsites are essential to allow for personal reflection and authentic conversation. […]

Learn to “C” the world anew: The 5 C’s of VUCA Leadership

The VUCA world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity is the emergent norm of the post-conventional world. It demands that we develop post-conventional leadership capacity. As Einstein said, we can’t solve problems at the level they were created. We need to transcend VUCA, which most interestingly means “to wake up” in the Zulu language, with […]

4 Data Points, 4 Dilemmas and 4 Deal-Changers in Diversity

4 Data Points The 2016 Peterson Report found that the 20% of firms from amongst 22,000 surveyed in 91 countries that had 30% or more female executives in upper management enjoyed an increased net revenue margin of 15% The Global Gender Gap in Economic Participation surveyed by the World Economic Forum in 2015 is enormous at 40%. […]

Stage Leadership Development is a Spiral not a Ladder

To shift a stage in leadership development expands your leadership perspective and presence in the world. It increases your ability to influence, coach and mentor others and generate transformational results. However this is not the result of simply increasing self and social awareness. These elements provide us with insight into our character and the challenges that thwart […]

7 Limitations of 360 Assessments and Feedback

360 Assessments were intended to be more “objective” by including a larger range of “subjective” assessments by peers, team members and external stakeholders in addition to the single assessment by a person’s business unit manager. However the 360 process also has significant limitations and the potential to inhibit rather than promote leadership development. 1. 360 […]

Why we need more Women at the Top

More Women at the Top? Given our preoccupation to have more women at the top of organizations, it’s curious to realize how gender archetypes underlie the shift from transactional to transformational leadership. The “Achiever”, the final stage of conventional leadership is a highly masculine archetype – the warrior, the hunter, the breadwinner, creating transactional relationships […]

The 7 Advantages of Small Group Coaching in Leadership

The Main Goals of Leadership Coaching are: To better know yourself: strengths, stretches, stressors and shadow To develop a more confident, authentic and inspiring leadership presence To build stronger relationships with others by communicating articulately To exercise co-creative power aligned to your purpose with ease and grace, and To create a more fulfilling quality of life […]

The 6 Key Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching

Aspirational First, it’s aspirational. While standard Executive Coaching is about improving your performance at work in more senior executive roles, Executive Leadership Coaching is this and more. It invites you to tap into your career aspirations and personal purpose in relation to how you can make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy as a […]