Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks is the creator of the SHIFT Leadership Programs designed and proven to guide Senior Executives become more inspiring, strategic leaders who can lead and sustain culture, business and industry transformations.Antoinette J Braks

In recent years Antoinette has coached more than 200 Senior Executives over 3,000+ hours. She has also designed and led org-wide Leadership and Culture Transformation Programs that have led to quantum leaps of 20% in Leadership Effectiveness in a single year and 30% in People Engagement in just six months.

“Antoinette’s Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. In essence Antoinette has galvanised the organization in a way that is remarkable due to her ability to engage with other people. She is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. She has clear insight into what drives different behaviours and how to make momentous changes in perspective in order to achieve much better results.

Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean that any organization that has the benefit of her knowledge and experience will gain far more than they may expect. Did I say that there was a whiff of culture changein the air? Well, I mean there is a gale force wind blowing, and the organisation and its people are the ultimate winners!” ~ Anne Cosgrove, Former Director of People and Culture, FACS NSW; Executive Director People Services NSW

Education and Corporate Experience

Antoinette will soon complete her PhD in Transformational Leadership Development at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, following an MA in Management Research where she was the winner of two University Awards. In 2018 she completed the postgrad Dip in Coaching Supervision at Oxford Brookes University. Earlier in her career she graduated with an MBA from London Business School, a Dip Int Mktg (Hons), LLB(Hons) and BA in Political Science from the University of Auckland.

Antoinette has studied with the world’s gurus in stage leadership development including  Susanne Cook-Greuter and Bill Torbert, and continues to study with Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta at Stages International. She is also a member of the Integral Institute and International Coaching Federation, and has completed a range of Coaching Certifications.

Prior to coaching, Antoinette worked globally in People and Culture with Shell International based in London, was GM People and Culture with Vector New Zealand, led Management Assessment and Leadership Development for Korn Ferry Asia Pacific and established the Executive Coaching Division at Hudson Talent Management Australia.

“Occasionally, we meet folks who bring a unique perspective to strategic conversations, creating new thoughts, ideas and innovative thinking. Antoinette is one such person, drawing on a wonderful knowledge and understanding in so many aspects of life and business.” ~ Richard Boggon, COO Transport Services WPS | Parsons Brinckerhoff

PhD in Transformational Leadership Development

Every Senior Executive in her PhD Research Study shifted a full stage in leadership capacity, most from being a high performing Achiever to a Catalyst. One made the shift to Strategist with another knocking on its door just one point shy in their Total Weighted Score. This was a remarkable outcome given that it was thought that it takes many years to make the shift to postconventional leadership capacity, and the very small proportion of leaders at Strategist, just 5% of the executive population.

Following a thorough review of her coaching transcripts to explore the drivers to develop Transformational Leadership capacity at the level of Strategist, she distilled the seven proven steps to create what she has named an Executive Strategic Operating System (SOS). She also developed The Holistic Energy Operating System that reflects our inner world and how to navigate higher levels of consciousness by releasing shadow and embracing mindfulness and aspirational intent.

Braks_Antoinette_RENDEREDWithBAdge_3Antoinette has self-published her first introductory book on the subject of creating an Executive SOS. It enables Executives to rise above the noise, expand their presence, inspire their people and bring their Vision, Values and Voice to life with a View to bringing about a more enlightened, responsible, sustainable world.

This marks the crucial shift from being boxed within the typical busy, bustling world of a conventional hierarchical organisation to becoming a transformational leader with the power to create and sustain visionary change across stakeholders.

“Antoinette is an extraordinary leadership coach who truly ‘listens’ from multiple levels. Her innate ability to access her vast inner wisdom and bring it into form to guide others is a powerful gift. Couple this with her extensive knowledge and an established suite of leadership development tools and approaches – the result can only be WOW! Antoinette holds a nourishing space from which I have been able to reflect and evolve. Antoinette, thank you for shining so brightly!” ~ Nicola Vague, Founder of Evolving Leaders VIC

SHIFT Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Programs

SHIFT Executive Coaching Programs unleash individual productivity, creativity and purpose-driven performance through the development of strategic focus, courageous authenticity, and conscious mindfulness.

SHIFT Leadership Development Programs enable her clients to deepen their self and social awareness, reframe dynamics to take full accountability for life experiences and progressively uplift their leadership capacity. Clients learn to take a strategic, orchestrated and people-centric approach to the stewardship of an organization embracing employees, customers, the environment and all stakeholders including future generations.

For more information please email Antoinette Braks: Antoinette.Braks@Join-the-SHIFT.com

The higher our self-expression and the deeper our self-awareness, the richer our life experience and the greater our soul evolution. Antoinette Braks