Transition Your Career and Transform Your Life!

Career Transitions can be scary!

When you’re suddenly ousted from your role or you know there’s a restructure coming, or you’re just aware that you’re no longer happy in your role, feel discontent and know it’s time to move on, everything in your life seems to be magnified. You’re poised at the brink with the potential for disaster while feeling ripe for opportunity!

At this point you can choose to take strong action with your mind, heart and intuition to step up or out to rise to your highest potential, or you may falter in the overwhelm of uncertainty and even experience despair as you wonder what will happen next.

I’ve been taken out of the game more than once unclear about the dynamics of what was going on around me. It can be a very upsetting, shocking and anxious time. Especially if you’re the sole provider or your income is essential to meet mortgage payments. As a single parent of three for twenty years, I know this only too well.

Yet I had to find a way through the forest and lay claim to my own desire and capacity to contribute, and continue to learn and grow. As a corporate gypsy who has moved country seven times!! I had to find a way to thrive. My answer was to develop a very resolute mindset. This enabled me to rise above my fears and take decisive action to attract opportunities that would create the future I wanted. The stronger my mindset and the clearer my view of the future, the luckier I got.

My Story as a Corporate Gypsy

For instance in 2000, my life was a mess. I had divorced five years earlier and had been trying to do everything myself, It’s not easy when you have three young children and you’re running your own consulting business! I was totally exhausted, had to close my business, sell my house and ask the father of my kids who lived in Singapore to have them for a year. I had become depleted and needed time-out to resuscitate.

And then I did something even crazier. I moved to London! I so much wanted a change in scene that all I could think was: “I’ve got to get out of here!”

My resolution however paid off. When you move, take action and trust your intuition, new things happen. After doing some consulting work I ended up working with Shell, got my kids back and traveled all around Latin America and Africa for a couple of years as a Regional Strategic HR Manager.

Then when I decided to move back to Sydney, something else amazing happened. I had set up a meeting with Korn Ferry before leaving London as I had connected with the firm there. When I walked into their offices I was told by the Head of the Leadership Capital Solutions business that she had resigned the day before. After a few interviews I was offered her role instead. I literally walked into the job!

A similar thing happened a few years ago. I’d just finished an international Management Assessment assignment but had been unimpressed with the corporate cavalry. I had been the only woman ~ which always feels a little odd, and their methodology fell short of my expertise. So I wanted something new.

As soon as the assignment was completed, I remember asking the Universe, “What next?” I received a call the very next day from Hudson who needed Assessors for their Leadership Development Program sponsored by the PSC. This led to building a significant coaching practice with Hudson where I ended up coaching over 50 Senior Executives during the last 2-3 years and was able to do a PhD in the psychological drivers of leadership transformation.

Dreams and Dramas, Manifestation and Sabotage

When I reflect back on my itinerant life, I’ve come to realize how important it is to take charge of our minds, follow our dreams and make decisions and take actions that are clear and resolute! It seems to me that the more committed we are and the more action we take, the more the universe pays attention and delivers what we need.

However this level of resoluteness does require an open and clear mind, lots of proactive effort and a great burning desire to serve and grow. Having done quite a lot of coaching in Career Transition for various clients over the past few years, I’ve realized even more clearly the immense power of the conscious mind to manifest and the subconscious mind to sabotage.

Life is both a Mirror and a Movie!

It mirrors your subconscious that carries emotional wounds from the past. These get triggered when someone steps on your toes. This is actually a signal that those old hurts are ready to heal. As you release old hurts with an open heart, the voices in your head disappear and your mind clears. As a result your life becomes more of a movie where you are the star, director, producer, casting director, costume designer, special effects director etc of the movie that is your life!

I’ve put this holistic view of life to work by compiling a 7-step process that will transform your career transition. Instead of just seeing it as: “a need to get a new job”, we shift the conversation to: “What is it that I really want? How can I contribute to the highest of my potential?” And “What in my emotional history and habits of thought are getting in the way of manifesting what I really want?” These questions demand reflection and insight.

By taking this approach, you can Transform Your Career rather than just make a transition! The seven steps are:

  1. Defining crystal clear goals in terms of purpose, vision, values, unique value proposition and promise
  2. Creating a compelling Resume and Profile that puts you in the “yes” pile
  3. Learning how to promote yourself authentically and persuasively with succinct soundbytes
  4. Developing a confident mindset to move forward with courage and conviction
  5. Articulating your experience and desire to serve in a clear and convincing way
  6. Rehearsing your soundbytes against 50+ interview questions so you know exactly what to say
  7. Networking widely and connecting in person and online to identify new opportunities

The videos and accompanying templates for the first few modules are ready now! This online program also includes support and advice through the course of Fortnightly Group Coaching Webinars. You can email me questions, ask me to review your Resume and nominate yourself for an Interview Crunch Hot Seat so that you get the chance for interview practice and feedback. I’m committed to your success!

If you wish to take your career up a whole new level or you’re a coach with a portfolio lifestyle who wants to take their business up to a new level, then I highly recommend a coach. Your coach will need to be a Transforming Executive Coach – someone who has the breadth and depth of perspective to enable you to become aware of your highest aspirations and hidden shadows. Their liberating presence alone will enable you to express thoughts that have been buried deep within and you will be able to see the dynamics of your life in a much more enlightening and empowering way.

Right now I have 10 spots open for new clients who are committed to Transforming their Careers in the next 6 months! It’s an intense journey where we will

  1. Get crystal clear on your highest aspirations for your life, your purpose, vision and values, and the value proposition you offer in terms of the promise to your prospects
  2. Explore the deeper dynamics of your life’s patterns, intergenerational influences and emotional undercurrents for you to both resolve and heal obsolete habits of thought and behaviour that do not serve you
  3. Free your mindset to envisage new possibilities so you feel reenergized, uplifted, elevated and inspired to use your authentic personal power to transform your career, your business – and your life!

If this is for you, why not make 2016 your best year yet and give yourself an early Christmas present. Imagine the impact that realizing your potential will have on your colleagues or clients, partner and family – over generations!

Once a dynamic is understood and resolved at a broad cognitive and deeper emotional level, it loses its power. Moreover, you gain the perspective to coach others through the same dynamic and heal a pattern that otherwise will become an intergenerational pattern in your family at home and will keep appearing in your colleagues or clients at work.

Book a free initial Coaching Session with me here.

  1. We’ll get crystal clear on your aspirations and goals, challenges and dilemmas
  2. We’ll look into the reactive patterns in your life that have held you back and
  3. I’ll take you through my coaching approach to see if it resonates with you.

These free Coaching Sessions will run out! As soon as I have my next set of Coaching Clients, they will no longer be available. Act now if you’re interested in making 2016 your best year yet!

Or if you’d like to find out more about my coaching methodologies and packages first, click here.

If you’d prefer to get started immediately with the Online Program to Transform Your Career so you can map out your future, create the collateral and take decisive action to bring it about, click here! The first three modules are ready now at a very Special Introductory Offer of just $297!! And you can keep attending the Fortnightly Group Coaching Webinars for as long as you like!

So those options again are:

  1. Click here for a Free Initial Coaching Session with me so you can get started on Transforming Your Career and Life now with One-on-One dedicated Transformational Executive Coaching.
  2. Click here to find out more about my suite of Coaching Methodologies so you can see the bigger picture of what’s possible.
  3. Click here if you’d like to get started with my online Program and Fortnightly Group Coaching Webinars to Transform Your Career and Life now!

Why not make 2016 the best year ever and instigate a transformational turning point in your life? The benefits are enormous and your accomplishments will be beyond what you can even imagine today. That’s what my clients say! They’ve become industry thought leaders, led global $1b+ programs without a hitch, led regional community forums with 300+ inter-sector participants and resolved complex family dynamics to transform and renew their lives. Now it’s your turn!

I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s my intent to enable clients to make the quantum shift to becoming empowering inspiring strategic leaders so they can live to their highest aspirations, create an amazing career and generate awesome results. 

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And you can join the Strategic Holistic Leadership Group to continue the conversation.

Wishing you all the very best as always,




Published by Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks leads the design and delivery of SHIFT Leadership Development Individual and Group Coaching Programs for Senior Executives and High Potential Leaders to enable them to join the shift from being high performing achievers to becoming inspiring strategic leaders at divisional, regional and C-suite levels.

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