Walking as a Sacred Pilgrimage

Reading Walking Home by Sonia Choquette this weekend talking about her personal experience walking The Camino Way, inspired me to walk from Bondi to Bronte again after a 3-year absence. I had been stopped in my tracks, had knee surgery and learned to live and love again.

I was back on my feel today walking back and forth from Bondi to Bronte. The sea was an azure blue, the sky an almost cloudless teal and the sun shimmered across the ocean as thousands walked by or lay in the sun to welcome the advent of summer.

It’s taken me a few years to take charge of my life again. I’ve benefitted from rehab, taken up ballroom dancing lessons to enjoy life “on my feet” and with personal training have rebuilt my physical muscle and dexterity.

To embrace a new season is to let go of the old, to embrace new friends is to forgive those gone past and to entertain new possibilities is to have hope in the future. Throw yourself into the world you want to create and watch it manifest in your life.

Published by Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks leads the design and delivery of SHIFT Leadership Development Individual and Group Coaching Programs for Senior Executives and High Potential Leaders to enable them to join the shift from being high performing achievers to becoming inspiring strategic leaders at divisional, regional and C-suite levels.

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