Are You Playing Defence or Attack for Your Vision?

In talking with some of my clients recently, I realized that we’re not always aware of when we are playing to win, on the “attack”, and playing not to lose, or  on “defence”.

When a Vision of the future is important to us, it’s just as important to use our Voice to demand a tremendous commitment to action from others such as new funding, a new investment of time in wider engagement, the release of obsolete programs or the outsourcing of functions that have conditionally been done in-house.

What I find we tend to do is to just make sure we’re safe, make sure we have enough to get through or ensure that our job is secure. We use data to build arguments to ensure we receive what we need to survive. However our Voice is much more powerful than we may think.

What we need to do is ask for whatever it’ll take for our Vision to thrive! To burst alive, achieve scale and make an awesome difference urgently and sustainably. Where there’s no going back, only forward, into a new world where progress is embraced for everyone.

We need to burn our boats, the obsolete ways of getting things done slowly, pedantically, formally and become pioneers again piloting new methods and services to increase economic prosperity and community wellbeing. We need to leave behind industrial approaches to education, food and health that cannot support our prosperity and wellbeing in the future, indeed much hinders it.

If you have a Vision of the future that you’d like to see manifest, then use your Voice to play attack for your Vision. Tell people that it matters. Pilot your methodology to show that it works. And then, with a proven return on investment, demand that the funds, time and people become invested in helping you to make it happen!

I’m a Kiwi and I can’t think of a more committed team than our very own All Blacks. They’re led by the great Richie McCaw. Their Defence is outstanding, and their Attack is even better!! Congratulations on Victory!


Published by Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks leads the design and delivery of SHIFT Leadership Development Individual and Group Coaching Programs for Senior Executives and High Potential Leaders to enable them to join the shift from being high performing achievers to becoming inspiring strategic leaders at divisional, regional and C-suite levels.

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