The Divinity of Self

Last week I talked about the distinction between Confidence and Self-Confidence, Esteem and Self-Esteem and Awareness and Self-Awareness. Today I’d like to take this a further step by talking about Divine Confidence, Divine Esteem and Divine Awareness.
You see as we go up the spiral of stage development from Conformist to Achiever and onto Strategist, we gradually learn to engage our divinity. While the Conformist is anchored in the Ego with an outreach to the Heart, and the Achiever is anchored in the Heart with an outreach to the Mind, the open mindful mind, the Strategist is anchored in the Mind with outreach to Spirit. I suggest that it is impossible to anchor at Strategist, where 5% of the highest performing executives reside, without appreciating our divinity 
At the level of Strategist we develop an open mind, an empty mind, a mind that is completely mindful is empty. It is the open objective compassionate witness to life’s events and the situations people find themselves in. When it is open, the mind can draw in, automatically attract, wisdom from the universe. It is like there is an unlimited reservoir of understanding and perspective for us to open up to at any time.
But for that to take place, we need to acknowledge our divinity.
This, for me, simply means that we are part of the great cosmic consciousness. That we are a powerful instrument amongst the divine orchestra on earth and it is up to us to play our unique instrument as beautifully, harmoniously and soulfully as we can. To do this is to enter a state of reverence, reverent care, the individuation from Strategist that turns us into an Alchemist. In my words, from calm to care.
Then we not only receive claircognisant guidance but we have surrendered our intellectual thinking processes to embodied guidance knowing that we will say the words and take the actions, or be silent and still, as best suits the situation to allow the highest goodness to unfold.
Divine confidence is placed in our divine esteem of the universe and trust in our divine awareness to do what it is we seek, so that in the process we are magically transforming ourselves and the world around us. Given that we all have this capacity, and trusting that cosmic consciousness knows precisely what it is doing, we will all be brought into the future new age simultaneously with birthing it. Our oneness will become manifest while holding our individual uniqueness. And thus we will be free to love.

Published by Antoinette Braks

Antoinette Braks leads the design and delivery of SHIFT Leadership Development Individual and Group Coaching Programs for Senior Executives and High Potential Leaders to enable them to join the shift from being high performing achievers to becoming inspiring strategic leaders at divisional, regional and C-suite levels.

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