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"Antoinette’s Program is unique in that it takes a holistic approach to transformation. In essence Antoinette has galvanized the organization in a way that is remarkable due to her ability to engage with people. She is a collaborative intuitive whose depth of knowledge in leadership development is unsurpassed. She has clear insight into what drives different behaviours and how to make momentous changes in perspective in order to achieve much better results.

Her strong strategic focus, business acumen and gracious understanding of people mean that any organization that has the benefit of her knowledge and experience will gain far more than they may expect. Did I say that there was a whiff of culture change in the air? Well, I mean there is a gale force wind blowing, and the organisation and its people are the ultimate winners!" ~ Anne Cosgrove, Executive Director, People and Culture, Services NSW

Transformative SHIFT Coaching to Develop More Authentic, Agile, Inspiring, Strategic Leaders!

SHIFT Coaching integrates authentic, agile, inspiring leadership development with strategic renewal, building a culture by design, complex systems dynamics and organizational transformation. We take a proven, purposeful and principles-based approach blending strategic frameworks and interpersonal psychodynamics to enable senior executives and their people to reveal and resolve reactive patterns, realize their intrinsic potential and aspirations.

Customized SHIFT Executive Coaching Programs for senior executives, teams, groups and organizations, have been proven to swiftly advance conscious awareness, uplift creativity and increase productivity. By illuminating the shadow of past emotions and enhancing team cohesion and collaborative engagement amongst diverse stakeholders, executives quickly develop a true sense of community and realize synergistic sustainable outcomes.

By implementing the strategic frameworks and uplifting your leadership capacity to 21st century eco-centric postconventional levels, you and your people will feel revitalised!

Find out about the Seven Steps in Holistic Leadership so you can evolve into your highest version of your own intrinsic unique leadership potential. By seeing life as a movie, a mirror and even magical, you can develop progressive self-mastery through the unfolding mystery of our life experience.